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 Accurate Home Measuring

How to measure the Square Footage of a house

What exactly is measured? and How?


What is measured varies depending on your Order Request.

Home Measuring for a Basic MLS home measure request,

Our field associates will typically begin with the Exterior walls. Each wall is measured corner to corner at the exterior face of the wall surface.Measurements are noted as accurately as possible to the closest 1/4 of an inch, or one tenth of a foot. When possible all measurements are verified from the exterior.  Attached garage conditions usually require access to the interior for verification of heated and unheated areas. While the locations of exterior windows and doors are noted, their precise location and sizes are not verified.

Upper level areas, at times, present a unique challenges, especially with complex plan configurations. In such cases interior areas will be measured from inside of wall to inside of wall. These recorded measurements, construction experience and the utilization of the main level data will help insure an accurate calculation of Gross area.


Home Measuring for a Detailed home measure request,

The procedures are basically the same as noted above for the basic plan measure. Except, all living areas of the home, interior and exterior are measured. In addition, the location and approximate sizes of Fixtures and Counter Tops are noted. When Possible, attached exterior features, including patios, porches and decks, are measured and noted in the plan report.


Home Measuring for an As-Built home measure request, 

The As-Built procedures gather and record detailed measurements suitable for Architectural, Designer and Contractor concept plans and budgeting.

The report includes:

  • Area calculations for Finished and Unfinished Living Areas
  • Floor Plans showing the Exterior and Interior walls and Room Relationships
  • Measured and Noted locations of Fixtures and Counter Tops
  • Measured and Noted locations of Windows and Doors
  • Noted Measurements of Exterior and Interior Walls and Spaces
  • Statement of Square Footage listing Major Rooms for MLS
  • Measured and Noted locations of under roof Patios, Porches and Decks
  • Floor Plans in PDF format ready for print
  • Digital photo Record of the Interior and Exterior spaces (optional)
  • DXF files are available for Architects, Designers and Contractors.


Home Measuring Tools:

Our associates will use a combination of traditional (Tape Measure) and digital measuring devices (Laser) to verify and collect data. Digital pictures of the interior, exterior and other unique features may be collected for file records and reference.




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