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What is the Turn-A-Round Time?

Normal Delivery is 3-5 business days for Basic MLS and Detail Orders.

As-Built Orders normally require 5-7 business days and are usually scheduled on a case by case basis once the scope of work is determined.
Yes, We do Rush Orders!   Additional Charges may Apply.

Your Measure Request Orders are processed as received each day! Our Field Associates are scheduled as soon as possible to visit your property, gather the data required to verify and report the appropriate details for your order. These details are then used to generate the Plan Report, which is emailed to you upon completion and payment.

Successful Relationships are often about Communication and Expectations. We value our relationship with each and every client and understand your need for quick and accurate results.

If for any reason we can't meet these schedule expectations, we will do our best to communicate with you. Some special circumstances or unique conditions beyond our control may at times require an additional day or two for completion.


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